SAF-T-PAK STP-308SYS Category B / Exempt Shipping System Frozen Insulated (UN 3373)


  • Designed for use with Saf-T-Temp™ Thermal Paks.
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System Components:

Outer Box – OD 12 x 10 x 15.75”, pre-printed with Biological Substance, Category B and UN 3373 Markings
Insulated Chest – ID 8.5 x 6.5 x 11.75”
STP-151 Absorbent Strip (100 mL) (1 ea.)
STP-609 Saf-T-Rap® Sticky Bubblewrap, 6 x 12” (1 ea.)
STP-710 Disposable Secondary Pressure Vessel (Medium) (1 ea.)
STP-819 Exempt Human/Animal Specimen Marking (1 ea.)

Approximate Capacity*:

Max. Secondary Pressure Receptacle(s) (STP-710): 4
Max. 2mL Tubes: 324
Max. 10mL Tubes: 60
Max. 500mL Blood Bag(s): 4

Refurbishments and Optional Components:

STP-308 Outer box and Insulated Chest only, 8/Case
STP-3081 Outer box only, 8/Case
STP-309KIT Refurbishment kit for STP-308 or STP-309 – 8 kits/case (see contents above)