Volo 75 25.3L – Refrigerated Insulated Shipping Solution

FEATURES: Features & Benefits

    • Pre-qualified for 2 to 8C and 15 to 25C shipments
    • Seasonal pack-outs for extended durations under 2 to 8C
    • Multiple payload sizes
    • Neopor™ insulation and water based brick cassettes
    • Global availability



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Temp/Profile/Duration: 15-25/S97/W69 and 2-8/S120/W120

Inner Dimensions – Cooler Interior (mm): 388 x 288 x 206

Outside Dimensions – Shipping Cartoon (mm): 641 x 552 x 502

Dead Weight (kg): 26



– Transport and storage of refrigerated and frozen foods
– Transport and storage of frozen pharmaceuticals, laboratory specimens, serums, vaccines, human organs, culture packs, nuclear & isotope materials.
– Pharmaceuticals direct to physicians, pharmacies, home.
– Specimen transport from clinical sites to a central laboratory, patients to the lab.
– Tissue research and development.
– Blood, Plasma, Tissue Biologics collection, and transport.