Fortis 75-27.7L (15°-25°C) – Refrigerated Insulated Shipping Solution

FORTIS® (15-25°C)
Designed for use when shipping high-risk, irreplaceable payloads, the FORTIS product line is our flagship 15°C to 25°C shipping system. This robust system has been pre-qualified for ISTA 7D.

The Fortis shipping solution is a high-performance package designed for single-use shipments in international lanes. By leveraging the modular design along with advanced phase change materials (PCM’s), the client is able to tailor the package based on the shipping lane the solution is moving through.



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Temp/Profile/Duration: Summer 147h / Winter 125h

Inner Dimensions – Cooler Interior (mm): 362 x 257 x 292

Outside Dimensions – Shipping Cartoon (mm): 641 x 552 x 502

Bottle Dimensions (mm): 330 x 267 x 25

Payload Volume (L): 27.7

Dead Weight  (Includes Refrigerant) (kg): 30.8


– Transport and storage of refrigerated and frozen foods
– Transport and storage of frozen pharmaceuticals, laboratory specimens, serums, vaccines, human organs, culture packs, nuclear & isotope materials.
– Pharmaceuticals direct to physicians, pharmacies, home.
– Specimen transport from clinical sites to a central laboratory, patients to the lab.
– Tissue research and development.
– Blood, Plasma, Tissue Biologics collection, and transport.